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KONTRAPUNKT radio show is held by Rockserwis FM radio in Krakow Poland.

How to tune in?
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The show is being prepared, conducted and hosted by me – Wiktor Janda (DJ SchizoID)
It’s done in full volunteering, non-profit activity therefore all support is more than welcome.

Radio Rock Serwis FM operates professionally and in legal way paying all its duties to Polish copyright collection societies. It’s existence however depends mainly on Listener’s donations.

The show is broadcast live on air weekly every Sunday at 21:00-24:00.

– from 9 PM to Midnight CEST – <Central Europe Summer Time> UTC+02:00 during summer time starting from 02:00 AM on the last Sunday of March until 03:00 AM on the last Sunday of October –
– from 9 PM to Midnight CET <Central Europe Time> UTC+01:00 during winter time

The first show took place on Thursday February 19, 2015 as a continuation of my previous radio works.

The show is dedicated (but not limited) to all kind of obscure, ambitious and  not obvious music like modern classical, industrial, abstract, experimental, avant-garde, noise, electronic, ambient, dark ambient, ritual, ethereal, darkwave, gothic, post-punk, new wave, coldwave, shoegaze, minimal synth, dark electro, EBM, dream pop, new electronica, IDM, synthpop, sophisticated folk, folktronica and more.

Additional short show description is here (it’s in Polish only).
Few more words about me as radio host (again in Polish only).

Every Sunday at 23.00 I’m preparing a special hour called M R O K I (literally it means „Darkness” but it is the acronym, in Polish stands for „Musical Delights Wrapped in the Colour of Indigo”), with fine and personal selection of darkwave, gothic, post punk, new wave and industrial rock music. Now it’s part of 3 hours long Kontrapunkt.

Every Sunday at 13.00 I’m doing also 60 minute long DJ Set named RETRO WAVE with mainly 80’s synth & electronic new wave music but also with new tracks inspired by that music decade (synth pop, future pop etc). No podcasts.

Every Sunday at 12.00 I do an hour with the finest soundtrack music selection. This hour is called MUZYKA PRZEMOVIE.

Irregularly I take part in „Safe From Oblivion” radio series presenting albums released years ago and also present „Release Of The Week” from time to time.

Also due to the rising popularity of genres presented in Kontrapunkt among Rock Serwis FM’s listeners more and more songs selected by me appear on daily and nightly radio playlists of Rock Serwis FM, also on our weekly Chart.

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kontrapunkt (@) rockserwis (.) fm
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or you may contact me on Facebook:

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